No matter his age, Biden's a proven winner
Dear Editor,
You can elect the 80-year-old Democrat in 2024, then vote for the
next-generation Democrat in 2028. Or you can vote for the 77-
year-old Republican in 2024, and then lose your right to vote!
Other world leaders' ages: Malaysia's 92. Cameroon's 90's. Sen.
Chuck Grassley 89. Lebanon's 87. Norway's 86. Saudi Arabia's
86. Pope Francis 85. Kuwait's 85. Namibia's 81.
It isn't about age, it's about ability. President Biden's outstanding
first term proves his abilities.
Watch YouTube: President Biden's March 8 address. He spoke
strongly, clearly, on topic, gave many examples of how his
policies are helping people including, lowering inflation (now
fourth lowest in the world).
COVID: Slashed hospitalizations and death rates. Reopened all
K-12 schools.
Lowered Medicare drug costs, insulin $35 per vial max.
Taxes: No increase if earning under $400,000 per year.
Billionaires and billion dollar corporations upped to minimum
Jobs created: 12 million (800,000 manufacturing) jobs. More in
two years than any President in four.
Infrastructure: Largest investment in roads & bridges since
Interstate Highway system.
Biden cut deficit: First two years Biden cut the deficit over $1. 7
trillion, the largest decline in American history.
Trump increased deficit: Almost $2 trillion from unpaid-for tax
cut mostly for the wealthiest. The 10-year cost of legislation and
executive actions Trump signed into law ... about $8.4 trillion
we'd have to pay back, with accruing interest. (https://www.crfb.
org/blogs/how-much-did-presidenttrump- add-debt) Compare:
Watch 2024 YouTube Trump rallies. See him rambling,
forgetting, bragging, whining, insulting, envying dictators and
promised to be one starting "Day One" ifhe wins this election
Trump's 2020 election loser's record is: Four criminal
indictments (from four grand juries of 16-23 peers apiece), 91
criminal charges, recent loser in three civil trials (sexual assault,
defamation, business fraud) with $5 million, $83.3 million and
$450 million in fines, $100,000 interest accrued daily. Are we
going to keep supporting Trump? (Reference: Forbes.com here
are all the legal bills trump faces).

Child poverty: Biden cut in half in 2021, the lowest level in
Women and families: Trump brags about overturning Roe, cutting
our rights to our own bodies. Republicans already started to ban
in-vitro fertilization ("IVF"). Now they're talking about taking
away birth control. Do you want financial responsibility for 14
kids like my husband's birth family? Think about it. No birth
control? What will you/your family do?
Vote for Democrats. Re-elect President Biden 2024 to save
money and U.S. Democracy.
Natalie Lashmet
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Supreme Court hearing won't involve president's right to kill
Dear Editor,
I have never read a more preposterous letter in my life time than
the letter printed on March 6, 2024, "Was the Kent State massacre
justified," and claiming that the United States Supreme Court has
chosen to debate whether it is legal for a President to deliberately
kill those who protest administrative policy.
This is an outright lie.
On April 25, 2024, The USSC has chosen to hear arguments on
"Presidential immunity from criminal prosecution for conduct
alleged to involve official acts during his tenure in office," in this
case, the 2020 election.
This is hardly a threat to kill any opposition, protestors, senators,
governors, or anyone. We are not Russia. See how the Dems twist
things. I can hardly believe the ignorance in this March 6 letter
about the Supreme Court.
For those of you not familiar with the Kent State massacre, it was
a confrontation between students and the Ohio State National
Guard over the Vietnam War. Tragically, four students were
Roger Dolliver

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Was the Kent State massacre justified?

Dear Editor,

I heard the story from a friend of a friend. He was there on Kent State campus at the time that troops killed four innocent civilians. Student protestors had harassed the troops for an entire week. The troops’ hair trigger finally went off. Neil Young wrote “Four dead in Ohio.” The deaths enraged our nation. This is the America that I remember as a young man.

Today’s America is different. The United States Supreme Court has chosen to debate whether it is legal for a President to order troops to deliberately kill those who protest administration policy. Lower courts have declared, in an incredibly detailed ruling, that the President is not above the law and cannot legally kill his opponents. But at least four members of the court think that we should debate the issue. Tucker Carlson has stated “leadership requires killing people.” One Presidential candidate has discussed shooting people on Fifth Avenue.

The fact that SCOTUS has chosen to debate whether it is lawful for the President to kill anyone who opposes the President’s ideology, including not only protestors but also sitting Senators or governors, is scary. Putin killed Navalny and Prigozhin. Four members of our highest court will consider if killing of political opponents is normal.

The real issue is loyalty to an authoritarian regime. If a President appoints judges to the Supreme Court based primarily on blind loyalty to the wishes of that President, then morality and law become subservient to the darker angels of our conscience.

Our Founders rebelled against the abuses of an authoritarian regime headed by King George III. In our Declaration of Independence, we stated that the King has wrongly made Judges dependent on his will alone. The action taken by our highest court clearly favors the interests of one Presidential candidate. Their unwritten loyalty pledge to that candidate is like the loyalty given to King George III by the British judges in America prior to the Revolutionary War.

Traditional American justice and the rule of law are fading. Many say that the Kent State killing of unarmed civilians was justified and that Putin had the right to kill his opponents. Tucker Carlson and the United States Supreme Court have set the table for a new authoritarian America.

All hail the King.

Dale Leitzke


02-28-2024 9:46:28 PM CST


In the United States we live by the Constitution.

The 14th Amendment’s Section 3 was ratified 07-09-1868 after the Civil War to stop insurrectionists from holding important offices. It stops people from holding state or federal office if they previously held an office, took an oath of that office, then “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the [United States], or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

“Indicted”, or “convicted” aren’t required, just “engaged in”. President Trump was impeached the second time specifically citing “insurrection” & Section 3. Trump’s actions regarding January 6, 2021 violated that oath with:

“A violent, coordinated effort to storm the Capitol to prevent the Vice President & Congress from fulfilling their constitutional roles by certifying President Biden’s victory, and to illegally extend then-President Trump’s time in office, including by illegally introducing illegitimate electors as ‘alternate slates’ for Congress to vote on.”  (Legal analysis by Free Speech For People.) A Georgia judge accepted this definition of what to “engage” in insurrection means.

 Maine banned Trump from their ballots. The Colorado Supreme Court barred Trump from theirs.  Illinois and Massachusetts have pending bans. Michigan’s Secretary of State couldn’t ban Trump because Michigan’s Constitution does not allow her to prevent unqualified candidates to be kept from our ballots.

If anyone isn’t convinced Trump engaged in insurrection, do some fact-finding before voting! Democracy is too precious for watching only one view of this story. If you believe it was a normal tourist day, watch live footage of the January 6th violence and the bipartisan January 6th Congressional Hearings.

If Antifa or the FBI created that lethal melee, why is Trump calling those imprisoned for it “hostages” & wants to pardon (comfort) them? Why did most convicted participants say they supported Trump, and their personal history proved that? Why did he call them “his people” that morning, and send them to go “Stop the Steal”?  

Truly, none of this makes sense if they weren’t Trump’s followers.

When asked, ‘If a President orders Seal Team 6 to kill his political opponent, could he be prosecuted for murder?’  Trump said, ‘the president needs total presidential immunity’. That’s not how US democracy works!  Broadcast on FOX Trump said he “WILL be a dictator on Day 1”. Should 100’s of years of U.S. democracy fall to a dictator? We have the freedom to refuse Covid vaccinations. We are assumed innocent until proven guilty.  We will NOT get our rights and freedoms under a dictator. Americans have fought & died for our rights. Why would any patriot vote for a self-declared dictator?  

It is everyone’s duty to learn the full truth before voting for Trump & losing our hard fought freedoms.



'Right-wing talking points' aren't a solid argument
Dear Editor,
I noted Roger Dolliver's reply to my Jan. 29 letter with some
amusement. His main point was that I and "Dems" twist things.
He noted several of my points correctly but responded not with
evidence to refute them, but simply with rightwing talking points.
For example, he noted that the 14-plus million jobs in the Biden
era were, "not all 'new' but recovered jobs that were lost because
of COVID." In fact, the jobs number was 4.8 million higher than
the February 2020 peak before the pandemic. In other words, a
third of the jobs were new. In addition, 790,000 of the new jobs
were in manufacturing.
Mr. Dolliver's second point was that the good economy was due
to "high inflation under Biden."
He should note that inflation was world wide, mostly due to
supply chain issues. Under Biden, the U.S. has the lowest
inflation rate of all major world economies. It is also coming
down the fastest. This while the unemployment rate has been at
50-year lows for the past 26 months. Source of above: FactCheck.
He complains about immigration, but fails to note that the
Republicans in Congress refused to pass a comprehensive
immigration policy which was heavily weighted toward rigid
border enforcement because it would "help Biden in an election
year." It's one thing to point out a problem, but to refuse to fix it
due solely to politics is unhelpful, to say the least.
I could go on, but, you get the point. Fox News talking points do
not count as evidence. The facts point to a strong economic
recovery in the U.S., stronger than any other major economy,
including China. Biden's plan to grow the economy from the
bottom up and the middle out has the best chance of helping the
average American as opposed to the Republican policies that
benefit mostly the very rich. The average billionaire pays 8.3% in
federal taxes largely due to Trump's 2017 tax cuts for the
wealthy. Most of us pay a higher rate.
In medical school, I was taught to weigh all the evidence, not just
the most accessible. Getting data from sources other than right
wing echo chambers would be helpful.
As they say, "Garbage in, garbage out."
Dr. Paul A. Haupt
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