Press Release:  Immediate

From:  906 Dems

Subject:  COVID-19

Date:  March 17, 2020

Contact:  Mari Negro, Communications Chair

Phone:  906-869-6336

Email: 906demscommunication@gmail.com



"Look for the helpers" (Mr. Rogers) No truer words apply than those do right now.  In a time of fear and unpredictability with this new coronavirus, it's time to put partisanship aside and start looking for the helpers- OUR TRUE LEADERS!  Governor Whitmer and her Administration – and those like her - are the true leaders during this pandemic!

Coronavirus should have everyone concerned. We should all be doing our part to flatten the curve of the spread. It's not the time to be grandstanding, as has Representative Beau LaFave of the 108th District (Delta, Dickinson, and Menominee Counties). His widespread rhetoric regarding the governor’s orders being unconstitutional is a typical ploy to gain attention. This is yet another way to show his lack of public safety, just like when he brandished an assault weapon in the capital building.  None of this is helpful in any way; it merely proves his level of immaturity and unfitness for duty. We hope his ridiculous antics are remembered this November. 

There is no doubt that the containment and eradication of COVID-19 is largely dependent on every one of us to do our part. Limit your contact to fewer than 10 people, keep a social distance of 6 feet, wash your hands often, and if you should become sick, self-quarantine your entire household for at least 14 days.

The many hardships we will face with school closures and the many business closures will undoubtedly separate the proverbial men from the boys, the leaders from the followers, the takers from the givers, and the helpers from the non-helpers. 

Now is the time to help our neighbors and those less fortunate. Buy groceries, send over a meal, do whatever it takes. Whining about what is constitutional or not is just a colossal waste of time.  We in the Yoop may very well be fortunate that no one to date has tested positive, but bear in mind, taking the governor's orders seriously and following her mandates will be our salvation. It must be remembered that hospitals are few, and the number of beds should this get out of hand will never service the need.

Please, do your part and remember to "look for the helpers"- there are many of us out there……to be a helper in Michigan dial 211.



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